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. >>> and it was once the engine of america. we bring you the startling new figures on detroit's mass population exodus. before all of that, we want to update you on the situation now in japan. black smoke has been seen rising out of the fukushima daichi plant number three reactor building. this is the reactor that has been giving crew there's some trouble the past couple of days. tokyo electric power company says some workers have been evacuated from the plant. we will have more on that from tokyo a bit later on in the show. nina? >> pauline, let's turn our attention towards libya, where coalition bombs and missiles continue to rain down. aircraft like this u.s. marine corps harrier jet have flown more than 212 missions so far against the libyan forces. ships in the mediterranean has launched more than 160 tomahawk cruise missiles. in the daylight the damage is becoming clear. this is what is left of several large rocket launchers, trucks and also other military hardware in tripoli's port area. far to the east, a u.s. fighter plane crashed due to mechanical problems. that happened near the opposition
or visit tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >>> welcome back. you're watching "world business today" live on cnn. >>> the fashion house dior is moving to sack its chief designer john galliano after new footage of him using anti-semetic language appeared on line on tuesday. the chairman said we unequivo l unequivocally condemn the statements made by galliano that is not the values of christian dior. he's been the chief desyner since 1996. dior might consider pulling out of paris fashion week. >> a significant business is involve in holding that show. a lot of investment, a lot of jobs are at stake and so forth. galliano's statements are inexcusable. but it's still a business. by cancelling the show, i'm not quite sure what would be gain in that apart from in a sense almost trying to hide -- saying they have something to hide, which dior itself doesn't really do. they're relatively if not completely blameless in this apart from perhaps not acting quickly enough originally. >>> well, oscar-winning actress natalie portman is one of the faces of th
. >> we've got an interesting situation globally with north america importing much less than had been expected now because of rising domestic production and so, therefore, there is some slack in the system. and there's already talk about middle east producers, particularly quatar shifting volumes that were destined for the atlantic basin to japan. >> reporter: in a northerlial market, natural gas prices move with oil prices. but oil fell shortly after the quake, since japan will need less oil in the near term as factories are shut, refineries are damaged. and what about coal? could it see a renaissance? emerging countries like china produce and use coal, sho so does the united states. will japan become an enbieger coal importer? coal prices are expected to rise even before it's clear. >> it can take somewhere around three to five years to build a coal fired power plant. i think in japan where they have to think about a change in the generation mix, it's not clear where coal is going to fit in from that perspective. >> reporter: the big question now for long-term supply in prices, will
.com/cloud. tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. >>> welcome back. you're watching "world business today" live on cnn. >>> yes, president barack obama and mexican president calderon have struck a preliminary deal on allowing cross-border trucking. mexico has slapped tariffs on more than $2 billion of u.s. imports to keep those trucks from crossing into the united states. the new deal will allow companies into the united states if they comply with safety and english language standards. and in return, the tariffs on u.s. goods will be lifted. the leaders of the two countries say the deal will make trade in north america more competitive. >> we're moving ahead with plans for a 21st century border so people and goods can cross securely and efficiently. we're working to coordinate and streamline regulations and get rid of unnecessary trade barriers to make it easier to do business together. we're making new investments in clean energy partnerships including green buildings and smart grid technologies. >> translator: the united states and mexico can and must make the most of the
and that america's role will be limited. >> it's true. that america cannot use our military wherever oppression occurs. we must always measure our interests against the need for action. but that cannot be an argument for never acting on behalf of what's right. >> risks and costs. those are two words the president used often in his speech on monday night. but he wasn't very specific. and he didn't put a price tag on the coalition's air strikes. so our lisa siylvester is doing that and showing h ining us how adding up fast. >> reporter: the cost of the military in libya is climbing. each missile costs $1.4 million, for a total of more than $268 million. 983 combat flying missions, one hour of flying those fighter jets costs $10,000. then there's the down strike eagle fighter to replace it with the latest generation joint strike fighter costs between $100 million to $150 million. >> the country's a bit war wary, this is the third conflict we're in right now. also, you know, we're talking about dollars here, we're talking millions and hundreds of millions and perhaps a billion or more. and this com
coming out of america now, aren't we? how important is that going to be in forcing companies to disclose more information? >> it's very important. and we see from this report that the list of companies are doing much better in terms of transparency, because this is part of the regulatory framework that they operate in. so we recommend to the governments who are home to these oil and gas companies to regulate properly, to regulate the disclosure, the public disclosure of a number of items, those that i mentioned earlier of subsidiaries, equity partners and of disclosing what they pay, not just in the -- in an overall way but country by country. because if a company says, well, we, you know, we provide royalties in the aggregate to 25 countries for the sum of "x," it's not helping those individual countries and the people of those countries to know what revenues are coming in. so the country-by-country disclosure is vital. that's where regulations becomes so important. and, therefore, the kinds of u.s. regulation that's being passed, i think that european countries and other countries in n
business stories this hour. day two of what could be america's biggest insider trading fliel yetrade ing trial kicks off in a few hours. hedge fund manager raj rajaratnam used stolen information. he could face 30 years if convicted. >>> and the tokyo stock exchange eyeing the isoka. >>> and shares of true terrible which is britain's largest ensurer jumped in hong kong after forecasters forecasted a highly expected dividend. at one point, prudential shares jumps 11%, easing back from 9% higher. still not bad. still looking at what's going on here in europe, the markets are nearly 92 minutes into their trading day. the selling does seem to be continuing, although perhaps not as vehemently as a half hour ago. off about two-thirds or .75% for the ftse, the paris cac, the zurich smi and xetra dax. and moody's has downgraded spain from aa-1 to aa-2. for two reasons, it says first, the cost of restructuring the spanish banking sector is going to be greater than the government has hitherto assumed and does not have that much confidence in the spanish's government's ability to deliver the fiscal
of the united states and america. that's what we're hearing coming out of alaska there. so the entire west coast of the united states and canada has been issued with a tsunami warning. for some idea what it was like to experience this massive earthquake, we have charles on the line from tokyo. he's the founder of second harvest charity. and he was in his office when the central quake struck. tell us what went on. >> we didn't think too much about it, but it continued on and it became progressively stronger, so we all went out into the street, and that's where we saw the buildings moving. we saw our big mercedes truck literally bounce oing up and down in the street, and we knew it was pretty serious. usually a quake here lasting only a couple of seconds but this one was going on and on, and we knew it was pretty bad. >> have you experienced anything like this before, charles? >> i've been here 20 years, and this is the worst. this is definitely the worst. we saw a part of the building hit and come down onto the street. luckily no one was down there affected but we've never seen anything like it b
or visit tempur-pedic. the most highly recommended bed in america. kong and cnn london, you're watching "world business today." >>> apple's chief executive delivered a huge surprise from san francisco wednesday. steve jobs stunned the audience when he appeared at the launch event for his company's next generation of the ipad tablet computer. there's been a lot of speculation about his health since he an nunesed six weeks ago that he's taking an indefinite medical leaf. the ipad 2 goes on sale march 11th in the united states. that's next week. two weeks later it will be available worldwide. jobs' unannounced appearance gave apple's stock a bit of a bump. the shares jumped $4, ending the day at $352 a share, up nearly $3. how different actually is the ipad 2 from the original version of apple's tablet computer? our dan simon was will in san francisco for wednesday's launch. >> reporter: i'm at the apple event in san francisco holding the new ipad 2. this version comes in two colors, black and white. it's also got cameras. a camera on the front, a camera on the back
people are in forced labor. latin america has about 10% of the estimated 2.5 million people, that's about 250,000 people. also over to the middle east, we have about 9.2% there, 230,000 people. and also in sub-sahara africa, 130,000 people. the industries are involved in prostitution and manufacturing. but these are industries we would expect and would have seen on tv news. but there's also slavery in mainstream industries like food processing and even health care. the bottom line, if it involves labor, the possibility for that labor to be forced exists. now to find out more about the cnn initiative, go to just on your web page right here. there you can access more stories and videos on modern day slavery and facts on human trafficking. you can also take a stand on our freedom project challenge. connect with us at freedom or find us at freedom. you can include the hash tag in your tweets. world business today will be right back. >>> well, europe's earnings season continues this week. results for nhbc are ahead. including a decision from th
. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. see if america's most prescribed e.d. treatment is right for you. >>> president obama is in brazil trying to warm up relations between the two countries. there's been some friction between the united states and brazil on the issues of trade and foreign policy. >> in a global economy the united states and brazil should expand trade, expand investment, so that we create new jobs and new opportunities in both of our nations. that's why we're working to break down barriers to doing business. that's why we're building closer relationships between our workers and our entrepreneurs. >> his speech got a good reception, especially when a spoke a few words in portuguese but also plenty of protesters demonstrating against the president. welcome back to "world business today." let's see what's going on in europe where the markets opened today with some gains. we're now about 45 minutes into the trading day. and here is where they stand at the moment. looking at gains of more than -- actually, here we are, dax going great guns up, up by 2.25%.
settled. the dow added 1%, bank of america shares rose by 4% after the company's ceo brian moynahan told shareholders the future of the company looks rosy. and nasdaq rose .75%, and the s&p closing .9% higher. the u.s. markets look set for a flat open on wednesday. this is where we stand in terms of the pre-market action. and the futures currently indicate a higher opening for the dow jones industrial average, which is up about .1% at the moment. nasdaq shows a slight fall. >>> many industries have struggled amid the lingering fallout of the global financial crisis. but there's one international business that's just kept on growing. that's slavery. and human trafficking, which is thriving like never before. our reporters are shining a light into some of the darkest corners of the commercial enterprise next on "world business today." >>> this week, cnn is kicking off a worldwide initiative aimed at uncovering the horrors of slavery in the 21st century. we call it the cnn freedom project and we're going to use all the resources we have to expose the global trade in human lives. it's a year
america. >>> economies and high unemployment are being blamed for much of the unrest sweeping across the arab world. even for jordan, the economic outlook is not promising either. but now, young people are uniting for change. >>> and china's economy may be in for big changes. just ahead on "world business today," what the chinese goals mean for the rest of the world. >>> from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> i'm andrew stephens at cnn hong kong. welcome back. you're watching "world business today." >>> the european stock markets have been trading for about 90 minutes. let's see how they're faring. they were all in the green last time we looked. evening stronger gains at the moment. we have the dax up by about 0.6%. markets in zurich enjoying a three-quarter percentage gain. ftse 100 holding steady, despite the chamber of commerce came out and cut its gdp forecast for the united king come from 1.4% to 1.9% earlier today. that market trading higher by about 0.33%. andrew? >>> it was a bit more optimistic here, i guess, nina. certainly the easing price of oil helping some investors,
of the six reactors. that only adds to the companies troubles. a bank of america merrill lynch report tuesday says tokyo electronic could face compensation claims of $14 billion if its recovery effort takes no longer than two months. according to the same report, claims could reach $37 billion if it takes six months and staring $120 billion if it lasts a total of two years. the report also says shareholders investments in tepco could be wiped out. >>> the iaea says it has advised japan to carefully assess the situation after finding high radiation levels outside the government's evacuation zone. to help us understand that and decommissioning of four of those reactors at fukushima, we turn to martin savidge, live at cnn tokyo. first, let's talk about the radiation levels. are we any closer knowing what's the cause of these higher levels? >> hello, pauline. the short answer is no. we don't seem to know where the source is coming from. as you point out, especially disconcerting is the continuing rising levels of radio i'd dine in the ocean just offshore of the fukushima daiichi plant. yesterday,
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. that's the point because i'm in america. >> his mission is to remain anonymous on-line. using translators, they trained activists in the northeast and africa. >> we told people how to use the software and think about what you do when you go on-line. >> "the net delusion -- the dark side of internet freedom" says the effort to combat censorship in the middle east is being undermined by american technologies. >> it's a tragedy. it those be resolved. there needs to be more pressure exerted by the department on american companies who engage in such activities. >> he wants to see laws banning companies from providing technologies for government censorship. to date, state department says it spent $20 million on what it calls the internet freedom programming in the middle east and plans to spend $33 million more. mary snowe, cnn, new york. >>> workers are struggling to stop a meltdown at japan's fukushima daiichi nuclear plant. but off of the coast, texts have revealed radioactive iodine levels 3,000 times higher than normal. coming up on "world business today," we'll ask a question
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